Birds Attack My Lamb’s Ear Plants

Lamb's Ear safe in it's cage.

 I had never owned a lamb’s ear plant until this year.  Shopping around at a neighborhood garage sale, I came across one that had tables full of plants.  Most of them were already in my yard, but not lamb’s ear.  I bought 2 of them, for 50 cents each, which seemed like quite a bargain.  Back at my house, I had just the space for them, which was formerly taken by forget me nots, which apparently forgot to grow this year.  The lamb’s ears were quickly planted, and appeared to be doing well, even starting to bloom.  Then, disaster!  Sitting on my porch, I noticed several sparrows gathering around my new plants.  One of them took a fuzzy leaf in it’s beak and yanked it right off.  The others joined in, and soon the plant was just a stem with a flower on top.  In the next few days, the birds managed to rip the leaves off the other plant also.  After that, they left it alone, probably waiting for new leaves to grow.  Looking on the internet gave me no clues, this has never happened to anyone else.  My solution was to make a cage out of chicken wire to enclose my poor little plants.  It’s not the most beautiful thing in the world, but at least it might give them a chance to get established.  The cage  was enough to stop the sparrows, but they still try.  Even though they can’t get inside, they peck at the edge of the cage, and gather on top of it.  I’m happy to report that the lamb’s ears are doing well, and getting lots of new leaves, safe inside the protection of their cage.


4 Responses to “Birds Attack My Lamb’s Ear Plants”

  1. Aunt Mary Says:

    Good luck, Margaret! Looking forward to reading it. It is tough to keep up.

  2. Aunt Mary Says:

    Good luck! It is hard to keep up but I know I am going to like it.

  3. Says:

    I bought lambs ear at a flea market b/c I read birds love them. I didn’t realize that meant eating the whole plant! Today I watched as a little sparrow ate leaf after leaf!! yikes!!! You are not alone!

  4. Emily Baxendale Says:

    I just witnessed a sparrow vandalize my dusty miller plant. It flew up to the pot, buried its head in the leaves and shook hard. I wondered what it was doing up until the white bits started flying… I have never before heard about this, but those sparrows certainly are a nuisance.

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